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Covid and Flu Recommendations

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Vitamin C – Preferably Liposomal 500-1000 mg

Recommendation: If you are symptomatic, take every hour. Increase the amount until you have loose stool, and then cut back on the dose slightly until stools are no longer loose. If you are asymptomatic, take 2x daily.
Price: 120-tablets for $29.00


Vitamin D – Minimum of 30,000 IU per day

Recommendation: You can take up to 50,000 IU per day if symptomatic. Cut back when things return to normal.
Price: 60-capsules for $28.20


Vitamin A – Take 50,000 IU per day during symptoms. (This is a natural antiviral)

Recommendation: After symptoms start to minimize, cut back to 10,000 IU per day.
Price: 100-gelcaps for $19.99


Probiotic Progurt or MegaSpore

Recommendation: Either Progurt or MegaSpore, taken as directed on the bottle.
15 sachets of Progurt for $290
Price: 60 capsules of MegaSpore for $64.99


Structured Silver

Recommendation: Take as recommended on the bottle, but increase dosage if symptomatic.
Price: 16 fl/oz for $45.00


Zinc – 50 mg or 1 capsule per day

Price: 100-capsules for $17.00


Quercetin – 1 capsule (600mg) 3x daily

Recommendation: This is specifically for COVID.
Price: 60-capsules for $34.99


Nattokinase – 1 capsule (2,000 FU) 2x daily

Recommendation: This is specifically for COVID.
Price: 60-softgels for $48.99



IV Vitamin C Treatments
Whether you’re dealing with Covid 19, Influenza or in need of ward off symptoms of illness, we recommend the following:

  • If you are sick or exhibiting symptoms OR if you have had a known exposure to COVID 19 or Influenza: We advise 1 Vitamin C IV daily for 3 days in a row.
  • If you are not exhibiting symptoms and have not had any known exposure to COVID 19 or other seasonal illnesses: We advise to consider 1 to 2 Vitamin C IV’s per week