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Christine shares her story of trying a myriad of medications and counseling to help with PTSD for longstanding issues, with very little success. She
Jeremy shares the pain and grief of losing his wife, and how Dr. Vance was able to help him move forward past suicidal thoughts with the PTSD treatment.
​Dan came to Vance Medical for help with nerve impingement.
At Vance Medical, we offer a variety of modalities for mental wellness. We treat anxiety and depression with superior results.
​Kim had worked with a physical therapist, but still had some residual neck pain from a car accident. "I like your methodology. I like your science.
Aaron tries everything, and finally finds relief at Vance Medical.
We offer a variety of treatments and tools for hormonal imbalance, menopause and insomnia.
Kevin was diagnosed with RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy).After his visits to Vance Medical, he is 99% pain-free.He was not previously a believer
Hear Lucy's story of Physical Recovery leading to Emotional Recovery.
"Try it. Try anything you think Integrative Medicine can help you with. Try modern medicine." - Tabitha
Meranda came to us with neck, lower back, shoulder pain, headaches/migraines and PTSD from a car accident. She had experienced significant
Dr. Vance takes a non-traditional approach.