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Back Pain

I’ve had back pain for the last four to five years that resulted in several surgeries.  I had my last back surgery in 2011 and have been taking pain medications ever since.  On April 5th, I was in a car accident and my back pain continued to get worse ever since then.  On my first visit with Dr. Vance I didn’t receive any shots but went home and did some research.  My second visit I got my first injections in my shoulders and have felt amazing ever since.  I was skeptical about my lower back because of my previous surgeries and was very protective of that area.  But since I got the shots in my lower back I have been able to do things that I haven’t been able to do in 4-5 years.  I love dance and couldn’t dance through a whole dance anymore.  Now I can dance through an entire dance.  Shakira sings a song called “Hips Don’t Lie” and it’s true – Hips don’t lie!  I feel amazing!  I finally feel like myself again!  I have no problem with my shoulders since the second set of shots – they are completely healed and I have no pain whatsoever.  I was feeling very depressed today and Dr. Vance did a procedure on my neck that didn’t even require any shots.  I had instant relief and now can go throughout my day without feeling any depression.  I would recommend anyone who has any type of pain – shoulder, back, neck, anything –  to come see Dr. Vance.  He is an amazing doctor.

Maria Z.

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