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Cramps, Heavy Body

Hello again, wanted to let you know I am doing pretty well since my last time with you!! and I REALLY believe those last “new” injections last one, going in at a slant on each side of spine!! was amazing and the 2nd one although my right leg never felt “ heavy” which I was supposed feel*, I have done very good since our last visit!!! “cramps “ are also doing much better!!!! … I WANT TO TRY , THESE NEW EXCITING THINGS YOUR LEARNING ABOUT!!!!!

I feel so very LUCKY to have found you!!! I told LaNita she had to “share” because I think your A ROCK STAR!!! so ahead of your time!!! we (all of your patients) are so very LUCKY!!! To have someone so dedicated to learning and understanding our MANY issues!!! especially ME!!!😊

…Just need you to know, THAT I KNEW WHAT VERY DIFFERENT ISSUES YOU HAD WITH ME, and you just kept at it!!! I love you & LaNita your Very Special!!! and I am so happy your in my universe 😊👍

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