Vance Medical

Energy And Stamina

It’s a privilege to speak to the efficiency and professionalism of Dr. Vance’s Medical Team.  Dr. Mark and LaNita Vance and their Staff have what it takes to get the job done.  And all the patient feels is “well-served”!

I consider it to have been the Grace of God to be able to state these facts today. That Grace (and perseverance on my part) led me—after an exhausting day of searching for qualified Doctors—to get up the courage to write Vance Medical an e-mail requesting help!

So, anyway to make a long story short, Dr. Vance is not only a professional, he also has an understanding—because of his medical background and knowledge of the human body—to be able to treat the patient’s conditions properly.
Dr. Vance and LaNita and their Team are a true boon to the Alternative Medicine field because of their sincere desire to see their patients respond to treatment—and because of their professionalism.
I have been blessed and fortunate.  I am glad I saw it through that day long, long ago in January 2017 and requested treatment.  I have more energy and stamina now and that is extremely important for all of us caretakers!

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