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Lyme Disease, Depression

I am writing this to encourage others who are battling lyme disease.

I began treatment just over a year ago and am happy to say I am recovering as a result of ozone therapy and a series of 3 LDI treatments (basically dead Lyme bacteria) and much hopeful prayer.
Two years prior to my Lyme diagnosis I was bitten by a tick in upstate New York and treated with doxycycline preventatively.  At that time I experienced no side effects other than the “bullseye” at the bite site.
Then two years later I began feeling ill.  My symptoms included muscle aches and weakness, headaches, stiff neck, lethargy, light sensitivity, and anxiety with panic attacks.  Before this I would describe myself as extremely healthy and active.
I went to my doctor and was diagnosed and treated for depression!  When I mentioned the tick bite, the possibility of Lyme was dismissed as “not likely.”  As I continued to feel bad, I pushed for a Lyme test and the result was positive.  My doctor put me on a 2 week regimen of doxycycline.  I react badly – feeling worse than ever, and I was pretty much bedridden  Now I know I was experiencing the Herxheimer effect, but no warning or explanation was given to me at the time.  I was extremely discouraged and worried about my health.  The doctor switched the antibiotic to Zithromax, which had fewer side effects for me.
About this time a friend shared information about Dr. Vance who had experience and positive results treating Lyme patients. Feeling pretty desperate at this point, I made an appointment and began the alternative therapy.
I am extremely grateful for the knowledge, understanding, and genuinely patient and caring treatment I have received from Dr Vance and his wife.  I am thankful every day for the improvement in my health.  I’m now on the road to recovery.
Carolyn From Boise, Idaho.

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