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Boise Functional Medicine


Schedule a visit to Vance Medical if you want to consult a functional medicine practitioner in the Boise, ID area. Whether you want to know the root cause of your health issue or get lasting treatment for a chronic illness, opting for Boise functional medicine is a good idea.

Functional medicine, which shares features with holistic medicine and alternative medicine, is a science-based, patient-centered approach to providing health care. Our Boise functional medicine doctor focuses on getting a detailed understanding of the condition of the patient and then works across multiple disciplines to develop an effective cure.

The critical factors considered by our Boise functional medicine treatment plan include genetics, daily environment, and lifestyle of the patient. Contact us to learn more about:

  • Integrative medicine
  • Fundamental medicine
  • Functional holistic healing
  • Functional healing

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Boise Holistic Medicine


We believe that Boise holistic medicine is the way to optimal health and hassle-free living. Achieving physical, mental, psychological, emotional, and spiritual harmony in the human body is the goal towards which Boise holistic medicine works.

The focus of our functional medicine practitioner is not limited to treating the symptoms of the health issue you are dealing with. That is because our Boise holistic medicine treatment aims to bring you lasting results from the ailment and not just temporary relief.

Our Boise holistic medicine looks at eliminating the source of the problem to prevent it from recurring.

Contact us today for a consultation about your health issue and its cure through:

  • Natural medicine
  • Holistic remedies
  • Natural therapies
  • Holistic treatment

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Boise Alternative Medicine


Our primary goal with Boise alternative medicine is to help patients recover without putting up with the potentially dangerous side effects generally associated with conventional medical treatment.

Our clinic has experienced doctors with in-depth knowledge of Boise alternative medicine to provide patients with personalized healthcare and the ideally suited treatment option.

Our Boise alternative medicine doctor ensures a dynamic, detailed analysis of your health condition to determine the best cure or therapies for your wellness. Whether you are dealing with acute pain, chronic illness, or a mental issue, do not hesitate to consult our Boise alternative medicine specialists for the right course of treatment.

Let us help restore your health with:

  • Regenerative medicine
  • Alternative health care
  • Alternative therapy
  • Complementary medicine

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