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Boise IV Ketamine


A single dose of IV ketamine in the Boise, ID area is known to reduce the signs of depression within 24 hours. It also gives a more prolonged effect of around 14 days and helps patients with pain. The treatment of Boise IV ketamine has existed for many years as it was used in the 1960s during the Vietnam War to treat severe depression.

It eased the pain and helped the soldiers with its hallucinogenic and tranquilizing effects.

At Vance Medical, we have an experienced staff that suggests the appropriate dosage of IV ketamine infusion. We carefully assess the patient physically to understand their body requirement and indicate the dose of Boise IV ketamine they need.

If you experience signs of depression, visit our clinic to learn more about our Boise IV ketamine treatment or:

  • Ketamine IV therapy
  • Ketamine drip for sedation
  • Intravenous ketamine
  • Ketamine for depression

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Boise IV Ketamine Infusion


If you want to understand the procedure involved in the Boise IV ketamine infusion, get in touch with us today. We have a team of talented and professional health experts to guide you with the most appropriate IV ketamine therapy to help you reduce depression.

Trusting a certified clinic for Boise IV ketamine infusion is necessary as an overdose may lead to severe health issues or worsen your symptoms.

Depression is one of the significant causes of disability worldwide, but it can be treated with the appropriate Boise IV ketamine infusion therapy. Schedule an appointment with our professional health experts if you need help with the Boise IV ketamine infusion therapy. You can trust us if you experience pain and need a treatment:

  • IV therapy
  • Oral ketamine
  • Ketamine IV drip
  • Ketamine for pain

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Boise IV Ketamine Therapy


The Boise IV ketamine therapy works uniquely for patients. Compared to antidepressants, a Boise IV ketamine therapy works quickly and also help preventing suicide among many. If you have similar thoughts or cannot bear the mental pain, connect with us to schedule a quick consultation and we will guide you with how Boise IV ketamine therapy can help. Learn more about our safe and effective Boise IV ketamine therapy.

Our patients trust us with treatments:

  • IV drip for ketamine
  • Ketamine IV cost
  • Ketamine IV for chronic pain
  • IV infusion therapy for depression

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