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Meridian Functional Medicine


Vance Medical is one of the most well-established and trusted functional medicine providers in the Meridian, ID area. With us offering your functional medicine, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are being treated by knowledgeable and dependable experts.

Visit our high-end medical center today if you wish to get the finest health and wellness solutions with the help of Meridian functional medicine.

Our Meridian functional medicine targets and eliminates the actual cause of the ailment instead of providing the patient with temporary relief. Allow our Meridian functional medicine doctors to treat your disease, not just its symptoms, and offer you optimal physical and mental health.

Book an appointment with our experts to learn more about or to get treated with the help of:

  • Fundamental medicine
  • Nontraditional medicine
  • Holistic health care
  • Functional healthcare

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Meridian Holistic Medicine


Going for Meridian holistic medicine instead of conventional medication is a good decision. Holistic medicine takes into consideration not just the body of the person, but their mind and emotions as well while curing a patient.

In other words, Meridian holistic medicine has a broader range of focus than allopathic medicine.

However, it is important to visit the right medical facility when you finally decide to get Meridian holistic medicine for yourself or your loved ones. That is why you should reach out to none other than our clinic for your Meridian holistic medicine needs.

Come to us without any second thoughts if you want:

  • Holistic medication
  • Integrative medicine
  • Holistic treatment
  • Functional holistic healing

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Meridian Alternative Medicine


With each passing day, our clinic is receiving more patients because of the growing understanding and several advantages of Meridian alternative medicine over mainstream medicine. If you want permanent solutions to your ailments and not just something that represses its symptoms, then get in touch with our Meridian alternative medicine doctors.

As Meridian alternative medicine practitioners, we treat the health-related problems of our patients with multiple practices from different trades. Our Meridian alternative medicine specialists consider several factors like the society a person lives in, the atmosphere around them, and their gene structure.

Only after studying these aspects of the patient in-depth, they can provide them with the required alternative medicine.

Let us provide you with:

  • Complementary medicine
  • Alternative therapies
  • Natural therapies
  • Alternative treatment

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