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Boise RHP


Consider yourself in the right place if you are looking for a high quality medical facility that offers RHP in Boise, ID. RHP involves oxygenating the blood to treat various chronic medical issues.

Get in touch with Vance Medical when looking to get the best Boise RHP services. As an established facility, we have provided ozone treatment to several patients for a while.

Call us when you wish to get the best Boise RHP for the following:

  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Arterial plaque
  • Kidney functioning
  • Recirculatory hemoperfusion for infections

Place your trust in our facility and medical practitioners to offer the Boise RHP in the best manner. We provide pertinent information about the treatment and its effects before starting the procedure.

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Boise Ozone Dialysis


If you are considering taking Boise ozone dialysis as an alternative form of medicine, you can consider yourself in the right place. Not many facilities provide ozone treatment as it is a developmental therapy requiring knowledge and precision.

Rely on us for one of the best Boise ozone dialysis administration services as we have a long list of satisfied patients. We first study the medical history of the patient, evaluate the case, and recommend the therapy only when we are satisfied that our therapy will bring the desired results.

Call us to book your session for the Boise ozone dialysis for the following:

  • Ozone in dentistry
  • Ozone for hair
  • Ozone autohemotherapy
  • Ozone therapy for herpes

Rest assured regarding Boise ozone dialysis administration at our facility as we use the latest and the most advanced equipment.

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Boise EBOO


Taking the Boise EBOO treatment at an established and experienced medical facility is essential. Ozone gas is considered toxic for humans and may cause irritation, coughing, and nausea if inhaled.

Count on us to get top-quality Boise EBOO. We ensure that the patient is healthy enough to take the ozone diffusion therapy so that the side effects if any, are temporary and short-term. Call us when you require the best Boise EBOO treatment, which includes:

  • Ozone injections
  • Ozone enema
  • Ozone IV therapy
  • Ozone blood infusion

Our facility is well-equipped and can quickly provide Boise EBOO treatment to patients with diverse medical issues. Call us for more information about the pricing and details about the treatment.

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